Salad Virginity, Gone.

Like becoming a regular at yoga, I’ve always had unrealistic aspirations to become a salad eater. Until today I’d never done anything more than rinse a few leaves and toss with cucumber and tomato. Well here we have it; my first real salad.


I chose an Olive Tofu salad, copied out of the blogger ‘Hungry and Frozen”s new book while on my lunch break at Whitcoulls. Tofu is an ingredient I want to use more of, as the Kiwi paradigm of meat-erry-day tends to make me feel heavy and oozing with animal fats. Anyway, this salad is easy, quite cheap, and healthy (of course), but I’m not quite sure that I’m its greatest fan- at least, as a dinner meal. Perhaps it was my inability to make a nice dressing, but the homemade tamarillo chutney I substituted for the sherry was a bit too sweet, and I found myself craving a balsamic-ish, ranchy thick dressing.

I think cashew nuts or walnuts would go great in this, and adding some chili powder to the cornflour coating would be nice to counter that sweetness of the sherry/substitute. Nonetheless, I’m very proud of my first ‘proper’ salad, and will be having round two of it tomorrow night, as I’ve got half my tofu marinating overnight. This is the recipe as I shorthand copied it from the new, awesome-looking cookbook, ‘Hungry and Frozen’:

Olive Tofu Salad

1/2 cup black olives

2 cloves garlic, finely ficed

3 tbsp olive oil

250g firm tofu, cubed

200g green beans

1 heaped tbsp cornflour

200g baby spinach leaves (I accidentally used cos)

1 tbsp sherry

– Squeeze stones from olives and mash in a bowl with diced garlic and oil

– Mix the cubed tofu in this marinade

– Trim and simmer beans, (I use frozen beans and microwave them to juicy goodness)

– Transfer tofu to the cornflour in a bowl and toss

– Fry tofu on a medium-high heat until golden and crisp

– Drain beans and mix into tofu and spinach leaves

– Pour the marinade into a pan and fry with sherry for 10 seconds, before pouring it over the salad and tossing through.

EDIT: Because I cook for just myself, I spread this over two nights, and tonight I can tell you that the addition of chili powder and salt into the cornflour is a tasty success. Also, I substituted the chutney I used for sherry last night with a balsamic vinegar/orange juice combo, and that’s also made it a lot more dinner-y, in my opinion. If you can, add some feta cheese as well 🙂


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